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A Full-Service Research Firm
Qualitative or quantitative work, brand perception surveys or content creation — it's all here. In fact, we are the only K-12 research center that both conducts research but also helps you promote the results (through to your target audience.

Each month, we average 3 million views on It's the perfect channel to distribute your content to reach district leaders, principals, and teachers.

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Deep Expertise in K-12 Education Specific Market Research 

  • Our research provides both not-for-profit and for-profit companies the insights they require to make data-driven decisions based on the conditions and trends shaping the K-12 marketplace for education-related products and services. Companies such as Amplify,, Dreambox Education, and Kelly Education rely on EdWeek’s custom research to stay competitive, drive product development and brand awareness, and grow.

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    If we are to shape the future of education, then we must have credible data to inform a change for the better. The Education Week Research Center provides reliable, accurate and comprehensive information that raises the bar on how we teach and learn.

Why Do Custom Research With Us?

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    K-12 Leaders Trust EdWeek
    Anyone with a budget can purchase lists and do outreach, but to break through you need a foundation of trust. The trust and relationships EdWeek has with district and school leaders are unmatched and consistently apparent in their willingness to participate in our surveys.
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    Our Best-in-Class Team
    Our full-time research team collectively brings nearly 60 years of experience. Our Director of Research holds a PhD and her team members have diverse backgrounds, but one thing in common: a deep expertise in K-12 education and education specific market research.
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    Solutions Only We Can Provide
    Here’s why companies like yours work with us, time and time again:

    • To understand the purchasing process for your product among K-12 leaders
    • To discover how your brand is perceived vs. your competitors
    • To tap into trends that drive product development, sales, and marketing
    • To test the effectiveness of new strategies and tactics to grow your business
    • To activate research findings with EdWeek’s advertising and marketing solutions

Our Process: It's as Easy as 1-2-3

  • Step 1

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    Get your questions answered through custom survey work

    Step 2

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    Apply your learnings organization wide and/or create content outlining your learnings (like white papers, infographics, webinars)

    Step 3

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    Activate your content on so it reaches all the right people

Featured Work

Check out a few examples of recent work developed by the EdWeek Research Center for companies like yours.
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